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Walk-through Tour of "The Ladies, God Bless Them"

Charles & Ethel Cohen Family GalleryAlso known as Explorations Gallery
Third Floor

Sunday, November 2, 2014 2 pm – 3 pm

Join Catharine Mastin on the third floor for walk-through tour of "The Ladies, God Bless Them" Women's Volunteerism and Collections Development at the AGW (1950s-70s). 

The Women's and Junior Women's Volunteer Committees were behind some of the Gallery's most important collecting. This exhibition profiles their fundraising support of the Gallery's professional curatorial staff including its director-curator Kenneth Saltmarche. Through their efforts, important works by William Kurelek, David Milne, Arthur Lismer, George Heriot, Prudence Heward, Homer Watson and Jean-Paul Riopelle were purchased. Free admission!

A related exhibition is “The Ladies, God Bless Them”
Women’s Volunteerism and Collections Development at the AGW (1950s-70s)

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