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Hind vs. Hind

February 17 – May 27, 2018

Location: Charles & Ethel Cohen Family Gallery, 3rd floor

The historical landscape works of William Hind and the contemporary landscapes of his great, great, great, nephew Dave Hind are separated by over one hundred years and span a number of generations as well as an extensive period of time in Canadian art history. In Hind vs. Hind, organized by the Art Gallery of Windsor, the Brantford-based artist Dave Hind juxtaposes William Hind’s Pictou Sketchbook, a series of drawings and watercolours from the AGW’s collection with “aluminum paintings” that are created by cutting, grinding, and riveting colourful scraps of reclaimed aluminum. The new works produced for the exhibition are Hind`s responses to his late relative`s works, many of which he has only encountered as small reproductions in exhibition catalogues. From a historical perspective, this exhibition reflects upon the increasing influence that William Hind’s paintings have had on Dave Hind’s recent work, as well as the interesting and unexpected connections between the approaches and techniques that both artists employ in their work. In short, Hind vs. Hind utilizes this unique relationship between familial artists, to present viewers with an intriguing representation of the development and evolution of the landscape tradition in Canada, while offering a unique perspective on the history of the country itself.

Curated by Simon Frank


Hind vs. HindHind vs. Hind

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