Donating to AWE

The AWE Collection has grown mainly through the generosity of artists, collectors and benefactors. We rely on your continued support in an ever-competitive private collecting market with limited resources at our disposal. AWE is a designated “Category A” collecting organization by Canadian Heritage in the areas of Fine Art, Ethnology and Decorative Arts, although our focus in recent decades has been in the fine art area. This designation enables AWE to apply for Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board (CCPERB) certification for objects of national significance. For those objects not eligible for CCPERB certification, the Gallery can offer regular charitable receipts. The Gallery’s Acquisitions Policy details the process of an acquisition from proposal to gift completion. For donors in the United States, the Gallery can consider accepting gifts through the Council for Canadian American Relations.

How does art enter the AWE Collection?

The Gallery maintains a professional Acquisitions Policy governing how art enters the Collection, and this is available for your reference under Gallery Policies. This policy is overseen by the Acquisitions Committee, a standing committee of the Board of Trustees. Since the Gallery’s inception in 1943, professional curatorial employees are entrusted with making recommendations for the Collection based on areas of need, excellence in artistic practice, quality, provenance, condition, national value, and many other important concerns. If you would like to offer a donation of art to the Collection, please contact Executive Director, Ms. Jennifer Matotek,  

What if I need appraisal or conservation advice?

Because AWE would be in a position of conflict of interest should we endorse any one business over others, we refer such inquiries to the Art Dealers Association of Canada and the Canadian Conservation Institute. A supplementary listing of local and provincial art dealers, suppliers and conservators is also available upon request.