Centre for Art and Wellness

About the Centre

AWE's Centre for Art and Wellness is an interdisciplinary mental wellness portal that uses creative programming to foster community well-being. Through partnerships with local organizations, the Centre for Arts and Wellness will provide wellness programming for our community members who are most vulnerable during COVID-19 and beyond.

2022: Making Connections

This year, we’re focusing on programs that encourage and foster connection. We will: 

  • Rediscover a sense of connection to ourselves and others,

  • Develop art-making and communication skills,

  • Encourage curiosity, play, and engagement through visual arts,

  • Build trust and safe spaces for our community to gather,

  • Create opportunities for folks to connect with community activists, resources, and mentors. 


2022 Programs 

Taking Care: Where Art Meets Wellness 

AWE presents weekly ZOOM art workshops and activities to participants in support of their mental health and overall wellbeing. Led by Ainslee Winter, professional art therapist and artist, AWE seeks to improve the mental health of participants by teaching new skills through art-making and art appreciation as a way to engage with others and manage social isolation. Learn more... 

Z'otz* Collective: Community Collaboration

Agricultural workers from Pure Flavor Farms in Leamington, ON, worked in collaboration with the Z’otz* Collective from Toronto, ON, on a community art project. The participants created works that celebrate their individual culture and explore their collective identity through artistic expression and collaboration. Learn more...


The Centre for Art and Wellness is supported by the Solcz Family Foundation.