Critique the Collection vol. 1: Dina Riach

Look Again! The Salon Wall

Sundays at the Art Gallery are a family affair.  We begin the day in the studio working on a hands-on piece, and then we must go to the third floor.  My eight and ten-year-old daughters make it a requirement. From the elevator, we make two quick lefts and are presented with a sky-high, turquoise wall covered in a landscape of frames. The plethora of pieces were created over a hundred years ago and vary widely in content and stylistic choices, but come together to form a cohesive history of art.  Intermixed with gorgeous countrysides and cityscapes are ancient portraits that were skillfully painted at a time mostly before the advent of photography. 

We sit there and ask a million questions that we may never know the answers to. Questions like: How long did it take Billet to create his tremendous 147x208 cm picture of young fishermen looking restless?  What were Alice and Louise Cummings singing at the piano in 1885? Maybe we could research these questions and find the answers, but on Sundays, it is a day to sit and wonder in front of a wall of exceptional beauty where at every glance we discover something we have never noticed before.  

My name is Dina Riach, and I am a happily married mother of two wonderful daughters. I am very fortunate to be a high school English teacher. Teaching allows me to do what I love every day by sharing my passion for literature with my students. When I am not reading a good book while curled up with my children or trying out a new vegetarian recipe, I can be found exploring the natural beauty of Southern Ontario. I love showing my children all that Windsor-Essex has to offer each blessed day we spend together.