Critique the Collection vol.1: Alyssa Sweeney


In Isabelle's Hayeurs work Mr. Go 01, I see a truthful display of this area, the murky water that you can barely see through, the people fishing, and the overgrown grass. This photograph captures what urbanization has been doing to not only our environment, but our water supply. Although the car and the people take up a small portion of the corner, this is still significant to the piece. The artist is not trying to make this panorama into something it's not; it is not pretty, and they bring our attention to a topic that individuals don't want to discuss. This large scale panorama makes a strong impact by emphasizing the water. Not being able to see what is around me brings discomfort, it is better knowing what is under the water's surface then not knowing. By showing this perspective, it gives an understanding of what is in the water, and even though it is displaying the negative impact we are making, it brings comfort. This realization gives us motivation to change our ways.

Alyssa Sweeney is currently attending the University of Windsor, for her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her primary focus is photography of wreckages and industrial spaces. She is the student lab manager for both the digital and analog photo lab and has photographed multiple events around the University.