Critique the Collection vol. 1: Giulia Vilardi


There once was a girl who loved to draw; people with head as big as the moon with a cacophony of colours
with a multitude of mediums

She was told it was


It took her much too long to realize nothing mattered
but her own heart

Then the lines turned into colours turned into m​ agic

And so she drew realistically, but it brought her no joy.

When you let go of form you find emotion

When you find emotion, you heal your soul.

Then the lines flew Through her soul Past her brain
And into her heart.

AJ Casson and the Group of Seven pushed Canadian art towards more modern expressionistic styles. This painting focuses on the emotion of the landscape, not it’s realistic form. The sparseness of the trees, the smoothness of the rocks and muted colours emphasize the peacefulness and loneliness of the landscape in a way no realistic variation of this painting could.

In my opinion, expressionist works like this one are incredibly important to the education of young artists. When I was taught about art, I was shown techniques to create realism, thus making me think that this is the only type of art that is worth anything, when that is far from the truth. ​La Cloche Channel​ shows that realism is not needed to create beautiful artwork.


My name is Giulia Vilardi, I’m 17 years old and heading to the University of Windsor to study Behaviour, Cognition and Neuroscience in the fall. I have been in love with art for as long as I can remember, my appreciation growing when I began taking art classes in high school. I spend most of my free time painting and drawing and always appreciate a good art museum.