Critique the Collection vol. 1: Melissa Arditti

When my mind will not turn off its chatter, I sit quietly here in my chair, envisioning this grandiose space that held the most lavish gatherings every weekend. I remember standing beside the pillar by the window pane where you first took my picture. I am smiling, reminiscing of the most glorious love affair I had with you here. It is where I now come to retreat and find solitude.  Alone, my spirit is roaming free. Perfection is an illusion and so I will never fall into the trap of conformity, structure, nor submissiveness. Can I live in a world of my own, borderless?

I want to capture each moment here of simple beauty that energizes me. As the years go by, I have let go of trying to uphold an archaic legacy that once served a purpose in the distant past.  I will lead with my head and let go of this once troubled heart.  These divided doors separated us, but I know some day we will unite again. Maybe as lovers, or simply as the best of old friends. The deafening silence in this room now still brings me comfort, as we built it together on the thought of everlasting love.


My exciting 30+ year journey as a muse for others on a personal and professional level continues to bring immense joy and satisfaction in my life.  I'm also an eclectic writer and passionate community advocate in the mental health sector. I enjoy taking in theatrical performances, live music, or watching a good movie - especially from the 80's era. I thrive on de-cluttering and organizing spaces. I strive towards an active and healthy lifestyle and make time to stop and smell the roses. I also have a soft spot for lemurs, mannequins, karaoke and gargoyles.  I'm always a work in progress.