Special Event

WEEK 2: Summer Camp

Monday, July 18, 2016 – Friday, July 22, 2016 , 9 am – 4 pm

Saltmarche-McLaughlin-Haworth Studio, 2nd floor Also known as Studio
Second Floor

Monday: My Story

Campers will travel through time visiting artworks on the second and the third floor galleries and will explore the many ways artists approach representing their stories through use of objects, symbols and various materials. Back in the studio campers will be introduced to performance art and ways to tell their stories through planning and writing their very own performance piece and start designing and creating backgrounds, masks and costumes to add to their performance. After lunch campers will have fun exploring the Sculputure Park and drawing inspiration from the beautiful waterfront create their own works of art.

Tuesday: Art Through our Senses

Campers will travel through the galleries visiting artworks that explore how artists us different approaches to art making through their surroundings. Back in the studio campers will use their senses to create unique pieces of artwork. Following lunchtime campers will travel through time at the Chimczuk Museum where they will have fun listening and learning with a hands on explorative tour and visit to their state-of-the-art Children’s Gallery and learning space. Back in the studio campers will create their own relics or fossils inspired from objects seen at the museum.

Wednesday: Urban Materials

Campers will tour the galleries exploring the different ways artists represent landscapes. Back in the studio campers will use multi-media and recyclable materials to create their own 3-dimensional landscape sculptures. After snack break campers will have fun creating their own party disguises as photo props made from paper and felt. They will create mustaches, lips and eyeglasses on sticks and then have fun taking photos of themselves wearing their disguises! After lunch campers will enjoy a walk to the St. Clair College Mediaplex where they will have a fun tour of the facility.

Thursday: The Main Character

Campers will travel through the galleries visiting works or art exploring different ways artist represent themselves through portraiture. When returning to the studio campers will create mulit-media paper collage and/or 3D self portraits. Then off to the Rogues Gallery campers will have a blast learning about comics before returning to the studio to create their own cartoons, or anime drawings and fun life size self portraits!

Friday: Art Show Day

Friday campers get to reflect on the past week and choose their favourite exhibition they would like to visit on their gallery tour before travelling back to the studio where they will choose a studio activity to work on or finish up any artwork. After lunch campers will visit Adventure Bay Family Water Park and then parents can come see all the wonderful artwork the children created all week at the Art Show from 3-4pm.

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