Participatory Performance: 'Jessercise' with Jessica Frelinghuysen

Saturday, October 28, 2017 | 12 pm – 12:15 pm

Join Detriot artist, Jessica Frelinghuysen, for her Jessercise participatory aerobic workout performance, part of  Downtown/s - Urban Renewals Today for Tomorrow, The 2017 Windsor-Essex Triennial of Contemporary Art.

Jessercise" instructional workout is an extension of the photographic and performative work on view in the Triennial that Frelinghuysen has made in recent years which seeks to rectify the relationship between activating downtown spaces with workout behaviors and highlight the lack of social interaction between pedestrians.  

The performance is a big leap for Frelinghuysen who combines observation of the built and social environment with autobiography and the compelling nature of local foodstuffs. 

Writer Clara DeGalan says this about the show for The Detroit Art Review–

All of the best performance artists I’ve seen in action assume characters that are somewhat amplified versions of themselves. Frelinghusen is a natural at this. While her performances certainly bear a trace of the theatrical- she assumes a particular garb and enters her performance space, be it the gallery or city street, with a point to make- she inhabits them in such a way that she never stops feeling present, accessible, to her audience. Significantly, she refers to the clothes she designs and wears for her performances as “uniforms” rather than costumes. This points to the importance of the uniform as an entry point, cultural signifier, and problem-solving accessory. Frelinghuysens’ many bodies of work all have a problem to be solved as their starting point....“It’s Exercise Time!” makes up one part of her exploration of a somewhat more complex problem- the vast divide between “art” space, and the rest of the world.

Join Frelinghuysen in a special AGW Jessercise class performaces. Wear your best spandex and be ready to sweat delicately in the name of art! 

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