Public Program

Screening of Kelly Jazvac's video "Recent Landscapes" and
Tour of Possible Futures at the Capitol Theatre

Saturday, November 15, 2014 | 7:30 pm – 8 pm

Join us at the Capitol Theatre and enjoy a tour of the works by Kelly Jazvac in the exhibition, Possible Futures: What is to be done? The 2014 Windsor-Essex Triennial of Contemporary Art.

About the Artist and Artworks:

Kelly Jazvac is a multidisciplinary artist and a Professor of Visual Arts at Western University, London, Ontario. Thematically, her work explores possible connections between material quality, surface, consumerism, transience and desire. For the Triennial, Jazvac has developed an indoor and outdoor project that responds to the Capitol Theatre's architectural history and acknowledges its new tenant, as it is the new home of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra.

Jazvac's billboard installation titled Capitol Theatre (Artists Make Ads) uses a low resolution web image of the theatre's famous Pentastar Theatre that is blown up to appear pixelated and obscured, yet recognizable from a distance. Contrasted with crisp, legible text that reads "Experience", the billboard itself is theatrically folded, to purposefully appear as if a new word or phrase is revealed by mistake. So while the entire phrase could read "Expert Audience" or "Experimental Subsidence", it remains hidden from the audience who will simply read "Experience". Inviting the audience to participate in our culture, Jazvac also comments on the possibilities of uncovering and re-contextualizing heritage buildings with new experiences and levels of knowledge.

Inside the theatre her video titled Recent Landscapes shows Marie Gélinas, a cellist for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for the past 34 years, playing a piece of expressive and melancholy music that she felt would be challenging for a young musician to play, given the expressive abilities and interpretation required. Six young cello and strings students were asked to videotape Gélinas while she performed, with the objective to learn through observation. The final video is a compilation of all the different points of view of the six students videotaping from close range. The video investigates what seems to have been lost, but could be regained through intergenerational communication and transfer of specified knowledge.

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