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Deicing/Decolonizing: Hockey Histories in Canadian Contemporary Art

February 9 – May 12, 2019

Deicing/Decolonizing: Hockey Histories in Canadian Contemporary Art is an innovative interpretation of hockey in Canadian contemporary art. Inspired by the idea that hockey is much more diverse than the popular stereotypes have led Canadian society to believe, this exhibition will call into question the entangled relationships between hockey and Canadian identity by making the invisible bodies in hockey visible. Drawing from Canadian sociologist Jean Harvey’s argument that hockey is metaphorical and symbolic, the exhibition aims to exemplify the ways in which hockey symbolizes an ever-growing narrative for identity politics in Canadian popular culture. Through 36 artworks by 14 artists and a selection of archival objects on loan from the Hockey Hall of Fame, hockey will, thus serve as an important platform on which to explore new and timely conversations surrounding nationalism, gender and racial equity, physical and mental health, and the value of self-esteem. 

Featured Artists: Judy Anderson, Scott Conarroe, Adrienne Crossman, Barrie Jones, Cyndra MacDowall, Hazel Meyer (with the Canadian AIDS Society), Laura Millard, Kent Monkman, François Morelli, Didier Morelli, Marc-Antoine Phaneuf, Liz Pead, Liss Platt, and Victor Romao.

 Curated by Jaclyn Meloche, PhD

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