Artist-Curated Playlists

Artist -Curated Playlists

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National Indigenous People's Day

On June 21st, celebrate National Indigenous People's Day by streaming an artist-curated playlist by Evangeline John. Evangeline is a multidisciplinary artist based in Windsor, ON, and student at the University of British Columbia. She is Onʌyota’a:ká: from the Oneida Nation of the Thames.


Stream SWEAT, an artist-curated playlist by Luke Maddaford. From the Curator: "SWEAT is a collection of cult classics, recent finds, and hidden treasures. It features some of my favourite Queer artists and will hopefully make you dance, cry, and SWEAT".

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter, an artist-curated playlist by Tiwa Omolade. From the curator: "This playlist includes songs of empowerment to enlighten you about Black culture, racial justice, and the ways in which Black people express both their pain and pride".


Welcome the new season with carefully curated vibes from the singer-songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist FadedwithFriends.