Performance by blackhole-factory

Saturday, February 9, 2013 | 1 pm – 2 pm

Join us for a performance by well-known German intermedia artists blackhole-factory. Blackhole-factory will perform Picknick am FeldRand (picnic on the edge of the field) an abstract roadmovie about a journey to imaginary places. This performance plays with the process of remodeling the idea of locations and environments from the distance of time and imagination. Here, at the edge of the field, the performers evoke memories and visions of places, which are formed by the ideas and the perception of the spectators. The work is composed as a journey to a number of different environments which appear on the field. The performers use found objects, field recordings, voice, melodica and live processing in a computer network which shows self-deciding activities. During this real-time composition the materials are dissected, scanned, probed and reconnected. With the help of different microphones and cameras, fragments of spaces arise and vanish around the small field on stage. At the boundaries between reality and fiction is a line of speculation about the origins and construction of identities and the sense of place.

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