Diversions: Detroit-Windsor Conversations on Borders Traffic Circulation


Exhibition Tours and Detroit Bus Tour

Saturday, March 9, 2013 | 11 am – 5 pm

Second Floor StreetSecond Floor

Morris and Beverly Baker Gallery, 2nd floor Also known as Project room north (second floor)
Second Floor

While Detroit's urban legacy is widely recognized, the city is rarely regarded as a part of a cross-border metropolitan environment. Across the US-Canadian border, Windsor's urban character has been closely tied to Detroit's rise and fall. With continual changes in the security and economic climate, these two cities are increasingly separated, subject to border policies imposed from their respective national security mandates. Nevertheless, the Windsor-Detroit region is largely absent within the rich discourse on borders that has emerged from the US-Mexico borderlands and regions elsewhere in the world. Likewise, the substantial artistic and intellectual artistic activity from Detroit focuses on the city's internal divisions, yet the international boundary on its southern edge remains ignored. This symposium seeks to change the conversation about borders in the Windsor-Detroit region through inviting prominent artists and researchers to consider the obstacles and mobilities that have emerged in this urban locale.

Diversions is organized by: The Art Gallery of Windsor, IN/TERMINUS: Media, Art, and Urban Ecologies (University of Windsor), The Border Bookmobile (Windsor-Detroit) and Media and Urban Life in Montreal (McGill University)

Exhibition Tours: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Join Srimoyee Mitra for a tour of Border Cultures: Part One (homes, land)
and Lee Rodney for a tour of The Border Bookmobile Public Archive and Reading Room.
Admission is FREE!

Noon: Detroit Bus Tour with Dylan Miner who is a border-crossing artist, activist, historian, curator and professor.

Admission is $5 for the bus tour; seats are limited and a valid passport is required.
At the end of the tour, those who are headed back to Windsor will be dropped off in downtown Detroit at the Mariner's Church on Jefferson which is immediately around the corner from the Tunnel Bus stop by US customs. Email Nicole McCabe nmccabe@agw.ca  for more information.

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