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Taking Care: Ainslee Winter

Ainslee Winters, Professional Art Therapist, Reiki

About the Facilitator 

Ainslee Winter, Professional Art Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Artist

Ainslee draws on 5 years of experience as an art therapist, community wellness program provider, and spiritual healer/teacher. Her involvement with at-risk youth in a custody/detention facility, practice with newcomer’s and assisting young adults with mental health concerns motivate and encourage her practice.

Her ability to connect with her diverse clients helps support her holistic approach to wellness. Ainslee has begun her entrepreneurial practice over the past two years, by opening Revival Through Hands – which aims to provide compassionate care to individuals and communities through creative expression, holistic healing modalities, and outreach programming. Her business has developed meaningful programs with numerous organizations. 

An excellent facilitator, Ainslee uses her expertise to help her clients gain a deeper sense of self-awareness and connection to themselves and the community. Ainslee hopes to continue to support self-discovery, connection, transformation, and inspiration with the continued efforts as she grows professionally. She believes it is through our self-growth process and commitment to healing, that we will begin to see ripples of growth throughout our community.