Taking Care: Where Art Meets Wellness

The AGW presents ZOOM art workshops and activities to participants in support of their mental health and overall wellbeing. Led by Ainslee Winter, professional art therapist and artist, the AGW seeks to improve the mental health of participants by teaching new skills through art-making and art appreciation as a way to engage with others and manage social isolation. 

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The social distancing, and social isolation, that is occurring as a result of COVID-19 is having significant impacts on the mental health of many Windsor-Essex residents. Enjoying visual art, and engaging in visual art activities, results in positive mental health outcomes for many, as research increasingly indicates. Programs will be delivered over zoom, with advance registration. Information will be supplied in advance around what materials and supplies might be needed for activities. 

  • Participants will be able to phone-in to the program using the numbers provided once registered
  • A good internet connection
  • A microphone and camera-enabled (optional) computer, tablet or smartphone
  • The program will be delivered via Zoom. Please download prior to the workshop.
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Upcoming Sessions 

Saturday, September 25, 11am: REGISTER HERE

Past Sessions

SESSION 1: Caring for Self - Soul Card: Exploring The “Why” Through Collage

SESSION 2: Moving Through Stress: Exploring Our Connection & Awareness Of The Body

SESSION 3: Flow, A State of Mind 

SESSION 4: Being There for Ourselves and Others

SESSION 5: Phases of the Moon 

SESSION 6: Healing Through Poetry and Song 

SESSION 7: Mindful Interactions: Spaces and Places

SESSION 8: Rising With The Sun - A Story about Your Blossoming

SESSION 9: Transformative Nature of Art Making

SESSION 10: Colourful Sensations - Let Go & Transform

SESSION 11: My Circle of Power

SESSION 12: Finding Hope Amidst Loss

SESSION 13: Journey of the Healing Tree 

SESSION 14: Holding Both: Acknowledging & Honouring All That Is Present 

SESSION 15: Guiding Light From Within

SESSION 16: Feeling Sludgy? Moving the Sludge

SESSION 17: Self-Massage: An Act of Love with Sandie Collins

SESSION 18: Discover the Health Connection of Laughter

SESSION 19: Clearing Space to Walk our Path

SESSION 20: Traveling Treasures - Earth Art Eco Mandalas

SESSION 21: The Spinal Energy Series with Sandie Collins

SESSION 22: The Power of Mindset: Are You Feelin’ Fixed or Flexible?

SESSION 23: Leaves on a Stream - Mental Clarity by Letting Go

About the Facilitator 

Ainslee Winter, Professional Art Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Artist

Ainslee draws on 5 years of experience as an art therapist, community wellness program provider, and spiritual healer/teacher. Her involvement with at-risk youth in a custody/detention facility, practice with newcomer’s and assisting young adults with mental health concerns motivate and encourage her practice. Her ability to connect with her diverse clients helps support her holistic approach to wellness. Ainslee has begun her entrepreneurial practice over the past two years, by opening Revival Through Hands – which aims to provide compassionate care to individuals and communities through creative expression, holistic healing modalities, and outreach programming. Her business has developed meaningful programs with numerous organizations. 

An excellent facilitator, Ainslee uses her expertise to help her clients gain a deeper sense of self-awareness and connection to themselves and the community. Ainslee hopes to continue to support self-discovery, connection, transformation, and inspiration with the continued efforts as she grows professionally. She believes it is through our self-growth process and commitment to healing, that we will begin to see ripples of growth throughout our community.

Taking Care: Where Art Meets Wellness is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund, WindsorEssex Community Foundation, and the Solcz Family Foundation.